Epic Seven PvE Build Guide Team Building

Epic Seven PvE Build Guide Team Building

Epic Seven PvE Build Guide Team Building it has been driving a lot of gamers toward itself If you are searching for the updated Team Building here the right place. What should be on my team? This is a question oft asked. There is no science to it but there are some general principles that will help you build your teams. Remember none of these are set in stone but are just general guidelines to … Read more

Epic Seven Equipment Guide

Epic Seven Equipment Guide by Jianjin’s

Get unbiased Epic Seven Equipment Guide from playepicseven.com Find the best equipment in your epic seven game. TDLR: If you are unsure what to be equipping, general rule of thumb is for LEFT side equipment (Weapon; Helmet, Armor), you should be focusing on the SUBSTAT For RIGHT Side equipment (Necklace, Ring, Shoes), you should be focusing on the MAIN STAT And naturally, you want to match the overall set type to achieve the bonus. Epic … Read more

Epic Seven General Tips Guide

Epic Seven General Tips and Guide by interlight and yinyun2715

The Epic Seven General Tips Guide for working in the epic seven game This guide is intended for beginners who are unsure whether they should keep a specific hero or use it as fodder. Epic Seven Gear The Basics Epic Seven Gear: Farmable sources: Hunt Labyrinth Raid secret shop refresh One time/guaranteed: event gear mailbox freebies gold chests abyss pvp shop raid shop Possible Main/Substats Chart by slot (credits to grass angel on youtube). In … Read more

epic seven Guide and faq

Epic Seven Guide & FAQ

Check out this Epic Seven Beginner Guide and faq for new Players.Here are the Quick Actionable Tips for New Players and Get Started with Play Epic Seven RPG games. Epic Seven How do I reroll? How do i reroll epic seven guide here : Play until 1-10. No earlier. Note that you cannot change the name once chosen, and no other character on the same region will ever be able to use any name again … Read more