Starting Epic Seven Hero Guide 2019

Starting Epic Seven Hero Guide Here are the Quick Actionable Tips for New Players and Get Started with Epic Seven and Most of the new users have the same mistake and Check this guide

A Epic Seven Summarized Version Of The Re-Rolling Approach

As with many gacha games, you collect new units, upgrade those units, form teams with these units and generally try to maximize the potential of your team. Making it as versatile and strong as you possibly can.

What E7 provides, is a “soft reset” on your account, leaving game data in tact, but allowing you to restart the game whenever you feel like it.

You are provided with 1 free summon at chapter 1-4 (which has recently been fixed to a 3-star) and a relatively unique summon called “selective summon”, which allows you to summon 10 times and then asks if you want to keep those 10 summons (Always a maximum of 1x 5-star, but you might get none). If you do not, you forfeit the previous 10 summons and summon another 10. You can only keep one series of 10 summons.

At the end of the normal campaign, chapter 10-10, you are then provided another summon, for free, called Moonlight Summon. Some people manage to get a total of 2 ML summons after 10-10, through log-in bonuses or events, but you only get one for free from the campaign.

Most people decide after 1-10, whether their team is worth using and whether they decide to reset their account and “reroll”. You can find the reset option under Settings.


Read for Epic Seven Guide & FAQ


What Will You Be Doing In Epic Seven?

So, here is the context, that actually matters.

Whatever type of player you are, whatever makes you tick, it will require game progression. Progression means you can summon more, you can obtain higher level gear, become stronger, reap more rewards faster, rinse and repeat. – I do not consider progressing through the campaign a form of progression. It’s horizontal progression. It offers no gear benefits. This guide wants to talk about vertical progression.

So the core objective of the game, is to not get stuck rotating 6-stars in your team.

Epic Seven is centered around gear. Your progression is largely dependent on your statistics and generally speaking the more stats you have, the higher these stats are, that much easier it will be to beat content that will allow you to obtain gear with even higher stats. That’s the gameplay loop most (MMO)RPG’s of any kind have and Epic Seven is no exception.

You will mostly find gear in these places:

  • Labyrinth (limited access/gains)
  • Hunt (unlimited access)
  • Raid (limited access/gains).

As you can see, I’m distinguishing between unlimited and limited access. Labyrinth can be accessed and cleared only a set limited times per day. Raid works somewhat similar, in the fact that it does not reset mobs within the raid, so you can only clear once per week. Hunt on the other hand, is only limited by the energy that you have.

Therefore, most gear you obtain will likely come from from Hunt. Labyrinth has a level cap on gear that makes it less attractive as time goes on and Raids can be very hard if you have a lack of gear in general. Hunt is your main source of crafting materials and gear drops, until raids become a viable and attractive timespender. If you run hunts efficiently, you will gain more gear, better gear and improve your team faster than you otherwise would. Hunts come in levels. The higher the level you complete, the higher the gear you may obtain. This is your bottleneck.

The campaign in Epic Seven (1-1 through 10-10) can be completed by a wide variety of teams. Sez, Destina and Ravi will, as suggested, provide you with an excellent base for completing the campaign, whether you are a F2P, P2P, or almost never play. They are not bad units, but they have limitations. However, the campaign is not what this game is about.

These heroes provide no real benefits when looking at the Hunts you will be doing. -Note that I’m aware that Destina might be an exception on some levels, but I’m talking about optimal efficiency as a starter account. Why aim for Destina, when you only get one 5-star and Achates and Angelica are subjectively better?
There are teams that simply will do what you want to do, namely Hunts, more efficiently than other teams and definitely more efficiently than Sez, Destina or Ravi.

As an additional clarification to this guide, I want to make clear that I am not suggesting that Hunts are the only thing you’ll be doing. They are not. You should always prioritize your dailies and Raid/Labyrinth over Hunt. If you feel you can improve more by Awakening or improving your skills than by gear, then the choice is obvious and you should go out and farm Catalysts. The gear/energy rating is not even optimal when doing hunts, because you will often feel the RNG is against you, as has been acknowledged by the developers. If you can run W9 or even W10 with a fodder, then absolutely do so, because at least the xp is decent.

However, once you exhausted your Raid or Labyrinth entries, you can infinitely keep going for hunts. Your skystones can be used for energy, instead of hero pulls, if you have a decent team, so you can farm materials and more gear. Crafting boots is probably one of the more certain ways to obtain boots with the primary SPD statistic, which you will want to have.

What you must know, is that your stats are basically everything in this game. Upgrading gear is the most direct means of improving your stats. Gear has a limited amount of sources. You need to be prepared to tackle all sources.


Which Hunts Are There And Which Will You Be Running?

There are currently three hunts:

  • Wyvern (RED): Crit Chance, Haste and Hit sets.
  • Golem (GREEN): Attack, Defense and Health sets.
  • Banshee (BLUE): Counter, Resist, Lifesteal and Crit Damage.

You will be doing these mostly in the order as described above. Wyvern and Golem basically both have your attention, while Banshee lags a bit behind. I personally think Wyvern is slightly more important than Golem, due to the variation of sets provided.

Against Wyvern you need either high speed or Survivability + Debuff Cleansing/Debuff Immunity and on top of that you need to apply a minimum of 2 debuffs every Wyvern turn. Your hero color preference is anything but green. Wyvern is a DPS race (during shield phase).

Against Golem you need Survivability + Debuff Cleansing/Debuff Immunity, Unhealable and preferably some form of damage based on maximum HP. Your hero color preference is anything but blue. Golem is about survival and if you lack the unhealable debuff, about killing the adds.

You ‘can’ run weaker colors, but keep in mind that you’ll receive more damage and land less debuffs, unless your gear is superior.

All Hunts require you to beat a small group of enemies before you get to the boss.


General Recommendations:

Keep in mind that a rule of thumb is, that you have the following “qualities” in your teams, in general. Best would even be to have more than one of these qualities per hero :

  • Some form of Defense Reduction
  • Some form of Attack Reduction
  • Some form of improving the overall damage output of your team.
  • Debuff Cleansing or Debuff Immunity
  • Multiple Debuffs (With exception of the rare raid boss)
  • Combat Readiness


So Show It To Me Already, What Am I Really Looking For In My Selective Summons?

Starting this off with a disclaimer :
I might have missed heroes. I might not be aware of nuances for certain specific heroes that I do not have. This guide is meant to provide the most solid starting position I can think of, it’s not a definitive “you win the game” selection. Everything is my humble opinion. Keep in mind that the Selective Summon is not the ‘end all, be all’. You will receive many more free summons during your journey.

You want one team that can do most content, with some minor adaptations for the specific situation. The below heroes can mostly be mixed. There is no specific order. This is not a tier list. ML Characters not included. Limited characters not included. -Ken is now a very solid pick.

epic seven starting guide tips

You should always be looking to combine as many as possible different effects that increase your dps, decrease the damage you receive and generally make the run go faster and smoother. Read skill descriptions of all your Selective Summons well and do not discard 3-star heroes, because some of them are truly great.


Additional Recommendations: Combat Readiness Epic Seven

Based on feedback to this document, I concede that I have neglected to mention Combat Readiness as a very viable option to make Hunts, primarily Wyvern, easier.

There are two properties that affect your turn speed. Obviously “speed” is one, but the other is Combat Readiness. While speed determines how fast your turn cycles are, Combat Readiness immediately reduces the time until your next turn by X%. So let’s take Schuri as the primary and currently only example (there are others, but they are less reliable); His passive reduces team Combat Readiness by 15 to 25%(max skilled) if you critical hit.
This basically gives your entire team a guaranteed first turn on Wyvern, if Schuri is fast enough to take that first turn and crit Wyvern. This could potentially be a game changing (improving) addition to your team and should therefore definitely be considered as a very good pick during Selective Summons.


Additional Recommendations Epic Seven: Just DPS

The recommendations I give are in general pointed at utility heroes. All of them are supposed to bring at least something to the table that allows you to beat several layers of content, that simply require more than just DPS. However, it has become clear to me that people would like me to mention Lorina.

Lorina and later Commander Lorina is an extremely solid DPS pick. Probably the highest DPS hero without Luna. If you have a solid set-up with a dedicated Armor Breaker and enough consistent debuffs, you should probably opt to fill the third spot with Lorina. Lorina can’t be Selective Summoned and you can obtain her in-game through connections. From lvl50 you can do her Specialty Change.

Some speak in terms of absolutely required. I disagree on that specific subject. You need enough DPS to be able to beat content. More is better. But enough is still enough. Other options can just as easily deal with the Wyvern Barrier, though probably not as fast. Even that can be personal preference, because the longer Wyvern stays in barrier, the less turns Wyvern takes. You could aim for breaking the barrier just barely if you’re concerned about survival.

That said; If you get a team with a very good debuffer and healer, all you need next, are Kluri and Lorina. Do not ignore Lorina.

Some Generic Pointers:

  1. Good healers are hard to come by. I would suggest considering any selective summon that gives Angelica or Achates, though optimally you would want Angelica with a 5-star DPS.
    Destina might be worth it, but it means you forfeit your 5-star for a healer that is arguably less efficient than Angelica or Achates.
  2. Do not look down on 3-star heroes. Kiris is really good in a lot of content, but against Wyvern you’ll need a pretty high amount of effectiveness(hit). Taranor Guard is widely used by players that have a huge amount of 5-star heroes. He’s just that good.
  3. Rin is a healer, buffer and debuffer. I placed her in the Decrease Defense bracket, because that would be my main use when I bring her. She’s an all-round support, with Decrease Defense.
  4. Chloe is sort of a weird pick. She doesn’t cause Decrease Defense, but her S2 pins a nail on the target, which variably increases damage on the target for every attack done by any party member, as well as an increase in damage on her own skills. I personally suggest that this is almost as good, if not equally good as Decrease Defense and it requires no effectiveness and has virtually no downtime.
  5. Clarissa also has Decrease Defense, so effectively multiple debuffs. I’ve placed her on the upper row, because Decrease Defense needs to be more consistent than 50%. Her bleeds on S3 land more reliably and only have a 1 turn bridge if skilled. The reason she’s in this place in the list, is because she provides two very relevant debuffs.
  6. Stand-ins are not great characters to start off with on their own, but they might fill a gap for you to overcome certain scenarios. Hazel and Silk are a great addition to a Golem 10 team, for example
  7. Yuna, Hazel, Silk, Crozet and Lorina can be obtained in-game, through a grind. Do not attempt to focus your Selective Summons on them. Yuna can not be obtained through SS.
  8. Falconer Kluri is an upgrade from Kluri through a Specialty Change. You need 3-star Kluri upgraded to 5-star and at level 50 to start that change. Prepare 10 Mega-Phantasm at lvl 39 (not your level, but the mega’s. Do not level them to 40 yet) if you can.


Characters in Epic Seven

I will dedicate this chapter to my thoughts on certain characters. They will be sorted in order of priority, as I see them. Abyss is ignored. Not because it’s not relevant, but because Abyss requires several different comps to truly completely beat and a general advice might not cover all bases.

If I were to reroll again, now, I would go for Angelica + Aramintha. If not Aramintha, in Angelica’s current state, I would probably go for Angelica + [Listed 5-star hero].



  • Wyvern: Great
  • Golem: Great
  • Banshee: Great
  • World Farming: Good if you have good DPS friends. Otherwise bad.
  • Labyrinth: Great
  • Raid: Great

Core functions:

  • Healer
  • Buffer: Debuff Immunity, Barrier


  • None specifically.


  • Angelica is absolutely great for just about anything. With some investment in her skills and her CD’s dropped, she basically provides continual immunity to debuffs (1 turn bridge) on her S3, while her S2 (awakened) heals one target twice, or two targets once, depending on the lowest HP hero. The fact that S2 has the internal AI to properly decide the correct targets, you’ll basically never feel she wastes a heal, in contrary to Destina, who sometimes seems to throw her heavy heals in for marginal damage. Combine that with the fact that she can be made extremely tanky and can be put in the front-line for basically anything, including elemental disadvantage, her performance is overall excellent. Pair that with the fact that her S3 animation doesn’t take ages, she’s also pleasant to watch when on auto.
  • I personally feel she’s much better than Destina, due to the versatility in her abilities. Destina is a better healbot, but Angelica does a lot to prevent damage.




  • Wyvern: Good
  • Golem: Great
  • Banshee: Not recommended
  • World Farming: Decent to Good – Get friend tank/healer.
  • Labyrinth: Good
  • Raid: Good

Core functions:

  • Debuffer: Burn, Unhealable
  • Buffer: Attack up
  • (AoE)DPS


  • Other heroes that apply Burn


  • Aramintha has several burns, deals significant damage, has a damage buff for the entire team, applies unhealable on the enemy, and has up to two aoe damage spells. She’s really good for both Wyvern and Golem and is usable in most content, including PvP.
    If I would recommend any starter 5-star, it’s probably this one. She can get you through most content guaranteed, she’s not a bad AoE farmer for fodder and is basically end-game ready as she comes.




  • Wyvern: Great
  • Golem: Great
  • Banshee: Not recommended
  • World Farming: No AoE, so not advised
  • Labyrinth: Great
  • Raid: Great

Core functions:

  • Debuffer: Armor Break, Burn, Attack down
  • (ST)DPS


  • Dual Attack increase, to improve his Fighting Spirit Gains to decrease downtime on Vigor.
  • CD Reduction, to decrease downtime on Vigor


  • After the patch on his update, Ken is now an extremely solid pick. His AI has been fixed, the ability priorities seem correct and the overall up-time on his debuffs is significantly improved. With a low chance on his S1 and a high chance on his S2 to Armor Break, with the potential to ignore resistance (except for the base 15% unmitigated resist on enemies), he really shines and could be seen as an equal to the top tier Armor Breakers. Apart from that, he applies two separate debuffs.
  • I would nearly place him above Aramintha, because I like him so much now, but the fact is, that Armor Breakers are more common than other debuffers. You can use Taranor Guard or Falconer Kluri perfectly, more than perfectly, as a replacement, but it’s hard to suggest a good 3-star alternative for Aramintha.
    The next choice is actual quite a bit harder. I wouldn’t consider a 4-star hero a good representation of your entire Selective Summons. You only get one Selective Summon in the game and you should get that proper 5-star that will help you progress in all content.
    On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend getting Destina on your Selective Summons, even though she can be absolutely useful for things like high-abyss, and she’s tanky. However, High Abyss is after you obtain gear, not before. And as an additional point, it’s obviously better to bring a hero that can AoE clear, to smooth out your campaign farming.

From here on the list is not particularly based on a priority. It depends on your needs. If you had a good Selective Summon, you could go with say: Sigret + Surin/Schuri/Dingo/Clarissa. Obviously my Angelica recommendation remains active.




  • Wyvern: Great
  • Golem: Not recommended
  • Banshee: Good
  • World Farming: No AoE, so not optimal
  • Labyrinth: Good
  • Raid: Good

Core functions:

  • Debuffer: Bleed, Unhealable
  • (ST)DPS


  • Heroes that apply many debuffs, like Surin.


  • Now, I want to make clear that Sigret is not the ideal pick as she’s mostly useful for Wyvern and the Campaign and many complain about her Damage on S3. On the other hand, some of my guildies love her. She is a solid pick if you can combine her with a good 4-star hero with some AoE capacity, like Clarissa. Dingo does not deal enough damage to be considered an AoE clearer, rather an AoE/DPS support. An alternative could be to bring Sigret and Surin, due to their bleed synergy




  • Wyvern: Good
  • Golem: Not recommended
  • Banshee: Good
  • World Farming: Not recommended
  • Labyrinth: Decent
  • Raid: Decent

Core functions:

  • Debuffer: Magic Nail (Increases team damage on target based on %hp)
  • (ST)DPS


  • No specific synergies, but I would be extremely interested in seeing how she teams up with an Armor Breaker.


  • Chloe is my fun pick. Don’t misunderstand, I think she’s viable almost everywhere, but there are obviously better picks. If you don’t have an Armor Breaker or are just generally tired of the cookie-cutter builds, Chloe is fun, increases the overall dps of your party and feels like a fresh breath.
  • As I specify in the synergies, I would be interested to see how she functions in a composition with an armor breaker. Maybe a composition like Angelica + Taranor Guard + Schuri + Chloe would be great for wyvern. I think the difficulty will mostly be with the initial turn on Wyvern, getting those 2 debuffs up, but once the nail and the defense reduction are up, I guess it’s a breeze.


So looking at this collection, knowing that your team has 4 heroes, you could go with a few examples. I’ll first list a few teams that are hard to draw, then a few more common draws, in my personal experience. You will most likely have to be satisfied with one 5-star and a 4-star. More 4-star units is considerably more rare.

The Best Draw, In My Opinion:

Aramintha (5*) + Angelica(4*) + Surin(4*) + Taranor Guard(3*) + Kluri(3*)

  • Aramintha has several burns, deals significant damage, has a damage buff for the entire team, applies unhealable on the enemy, and has up to two aoe damage spells. She’s really good.
  • Angelica should be able to tank (freeing up one dps slot), buff and heal in both Wyvern and Golem, but certainly can for Wyvern. To boot, she’s the best all-round healer in the game. You will use her in raids, Labyrinth and Abyss.
  • Surin provides many, many bleeds. Every bleed counts as a separate debuff, which is great against Wyvern. It’s also the only reason why I have her listed above Aramintha, because Aramintha is just..awesome in her own way.. But her debuffs land less often.
  • Taranor Guard increases dual attack (multiple heroes attack with their S1 in one turn), but better yet, his S1 (no CD) has a 75% Decrease Defense chance when fully skilled.
  • Kluri can be upgraded to Falconer Kluri through a series of grinds, once she hits level 50 (Specialty Change), so you want her to level 50 as early as possible. She’s currently often mentioned in posts that ask for nerfs on the forums. She provides party healing and Decrease Defense and increases her own combat readiness, meaning her turns go faster than the average. Even though she’s green, her Decrease Defense can land without needing extra effectiveness if you run her manually. (No auto-combat).


Another Good Draw:

Kluri(3*) + Angelica(4*) + Surin(4*) + Dingo(4*)

  • Dingo is a good pick, because he cleanses and reduces the entire teams CD’s by 1 on his S3, which itself is also reduced by his S3 and on top of that his S3’s CD is decreased by 1 for every enemy death. During hunts, this means that Dingo casts his S3 2 or even 3 times before getting to the boss, which improves the overall survivability of the team since it also cleanses debuffs every cast and more importantly, during Wyvern it will keep those debuffs going. His S1 also has a low chance to cause bleeding and to cast his S2. His S2 has a chance to cause burning when the target is bleeding.


A More Likely/Unlucky Draw:

So you’re just having real bad luck and you decide that you’re settling on the next best thing. All you want is one 5-star and one 4-star. Does it matter which out of the ones listed you draw?
To some extent it does, but in general….. don’t worry! The game provides you with many options. It would be ideal to get one of every category [Dots/Debuffs/Atk Break], [Decrease Defense/Extra DMG], [Healing/Survival] and [Buffing]. It doesn’t even really matter if it’s a 3 or 5-star, to an extent. The recent buff to 4 and 5-stars effectively means a relative nerf to 3-stars, but it’s about the skills, not always the stats.

As I said before, I personally feel that a good healer is the most rare to draw from the free summons every day, while Destina is not as good as her 5* suggests, so try to combo a 4* healer with a 5* dps, rather than the other way around. If you really aren’t lucky and you only get solo 5* dps, try to settle for Sigret or Aramintha, or now Ken. If you get Angelica but no 5-stars on top of it, try to get Kluri, Kiris and Taranor Guard. Replace Kiris for Wyvern 7+, or give her massive effectiveness. You will lack some AoE farming, but AoE doesn’t always make you faster. A team with Lots, Tenebria, Sez and Zerato (all AoE) isn’t always faster than a team with Angelica, Chloe, Surin and Ravi. It’s often about team synergy. -Keep in mind that you will get many more summons during the campaign.


Less Fortunate Draw:

Aramintha(5*) or Sigret(5*) + Alexa(3*) + 8 shitty artifacts

  • You’re thinking; Well shit, this is not useful. Let’s focus on the opportunities that you do have.
  • Aramintha is mentioned earlier.
  • Sigret is a significant DPS more useful for Wyvern than Golem, but still provides bleeding and unhealable. She can carry your party a long way.
  • Alexa is a niche hero that requires some specific building, but provides two poison effects for two turns. Her S3 does more damage per debuff on the target, so pairing her up with Aramintha or Sigret is actually really convenient and her S1 (after awakening) triggers a second attack if she crits with the first. You can do some nice things with her. On top of that, she’s pretty common from the regular summons, so you’ll most likely get her to A+ Awakening, which grants additional attack to some or all party members (currently can’t check). She’s far from worthless, even though the other choices are often better.
  • So, what now, you have no healer besides Aither.. What options do you have? I would actually suggest getting the connection with Hazel asap. Build Hazel and Aither with ATK/HIT or SPEED/HIT(with atk substats) and they will get you through 10-10 no problem. Hazel is getting a specialty change, so never throw her away. Her S2 heal has a very short cooldown and her S3 has an attack buff and a heal, while Aither has a Barrier and a heal. They’re not great solo healers for starting players, in my opinion, but their combined utility with a focus on ATK means you’ll still do considerable dps and you can make one of them tank with more defensive gear (They have relatively reasonable defense, their HP isn’t great). You’ll need to replace some heroes for hunts, but your core 5* won’t have to be swapped.

Rerolling is a hobby in itself. If you decide that you’re tired of it and settle on a less optimal pick, you obviously need to have some luck during your campaign. Some people rarely get a 5-star, others get multiple. I’ve personally been begging for Angelica for a month, but finally got her recently.


So Why Is The Advice To Go With Sez, Destina Or Ravi Wrong?

Sez, Destina and Ravi are great picks, but they have weaknesses. To choose Sez, Ravi or Destina is not inherently wrong. They are great heroes. For some content, they are the best heroes. The advice is not bad, the context in which the advice is given, is bad.

The game is not about clearing the campaign. It’s obviously a requirement for catalysts, but to clear a campaign dungeon swiftly, you need gear. To get gear, you need to push hunts, so you can clear dungeons more efficiently. Not the other way around.

  • Sez has three things going for him; His Unhealable debuff, his S3, which is pretty awesome to finish off a target and his S2, which adds AoE damage to S1 if the target is below 50% HP. These strengths are great for farming regular dungeons. These strengths are great for early PvP, where Sez doesn’t get countered really hard yet. These strengths are largely useless for the actual end-game, Hunts (I’m ignoring the raids for a moment, because while relevant, you need to be able to run G9+/W9+ before you can really dive into raids. As I said, they are a very important gate).
    While unhealable is a debuff, it’s his only debuff. It’s also a pretty useless debuff for Wyvern. So I would replace Sez without blinking for something that is both faster and provides more overall DPS or utility. Against Golem, you need to have very high effectiveness and you will land less crits, less overall dps. It’s a waste to take him.
  • Destina is a good healer, but that’s also all she does. She heals and her S3 cleanses once. She is very slow, so you’re waiting for that next S3 and you hope she doesn’t waste it on a minor amount of damage taken. She’s not bad, but she doesn’t provide a Barrier ánd Debuff Immunity for 2 turns ánd a heal in one skill. Her S2 targets one target, not two. What I’m basically getting at, is she prevents nothing, you have to proactively remove it, but sometimes it’s picking between two evils. Do you heal or do you cleanse? Due to that, the heal sometimes goes to waste, or visa versa, while Angelica provides 2 turns of immunity and the bridge is only one turn. Destina is relevant for dungeons where a boss steals your buffs and runs off laughing. Those bosses are few and far between. She’s simply the 3rd or even 4th pick in the chain of healers, if it’s up to me.
  • Ravi provides a solid tank/dps position. Can be great in early PvP and PvE, but all she is, is a mediocre dps-tank. She can provides no buffs, no debuffs, no group healing. She’s that pillar that just won’t die, but also rarely provides what you really need.


Credit to

  • Oyxopolis (Oyxl67)
  • AkioKlaus#2607

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