Epic Seven Guide & FAQ

Check out this Epic Seven Beginner Guide and faq for new Players.Here are the Quick Actionable Tips for New Players and Get Started with Play Epic Seven RPG games.

Epic Seven How do I reroll?

How do i reroll epic seven guide here :

  1. Play until 1-10. No earlier. Note that you cannot change the name once chosen, and no other character on the same region will ever be able to use any name again once used once.
  2. Collect all Skystone and/or Covenant Bookmark rewards available.
  3. Buy Covenant Bookmarks with ALL of your Skystone.
  4. Roll the gacha banner if good (check with other players if unsure), or the Covenant summon if current banner is not good, until all Covenant Bookmarks are spent. Note down all characters received.
  5. Choose the Selective Summon option, and roll aiming for something you didn’t already get in Step #4.
  6. Ask for advice only if your current roll includes at least one 5 star or at least four 4 stars. The other rolls, trash. Alternatively, any three Heroes out of the list in the next section, between the standard summons and Selective Summons, who perform different roles, is ideal (two in the list with different roles is a working minimum).

After accepting the roll you want to keep, never buy Covenant bookmarks outside the 950-pack ever again. Step #3 is the only time you will ever buy them outside the set. And you absolutely must spend them in Step #3, or else you may end up rolling someone you got from your 30×10 in your first 950 set.

Refer to the next section for general recommendations for starting Heroes/Artifacts. Having Artifacts suited to your Hero in the same roll is ideal, but not strictly necessary. Only Artifacts which provide unique functions you cannot easily obtain from improving your gear instead will be stated, as these modify the range of tactics you can use, but this does not mean that Artifacts not in the list are not useful. As this is a reroll guide 3⭐ are not stated, although some can be even stronger.

Epic Seven What do I reroll for?

What do I reroll for epic seven guide here is Bear in mind that a character being a good starter does not mean they are optimal for everything.
Starters are recommended as starters because they assist in some way the largest variety of content, not because of some non-existent mythical power level. All of these characters work in normal story mode progression because progression is very easy; what is stated is midgame things they can help with. Units are ordered by star and then alphabetically, this is not a relative ranking.

5 Star Units (1 max per set of 10 in Selective unless otherwise stated)

  • 5 ⭐ Destina (Healer-Tank hybrid, Debuff remover)
  • 5 ⭐ Haste (Used in Wyvern, Golem, PvP, Abyss; Offhealer) [Not available in Selective]
  • 5 ⭐ Iseria (Used in Golem, PvP; Defense breaker, Buff blocker, CD Accelerator)
  • 5 ⭐ Kise (Used in Wyvern, PvP; Barrier breaker, CD Decelerator) [Not available in Selective]
  • 5 ⭐ Ravi (Used in Golem, PvP; DPS-Tank hybrid)
  • 5 ⭐ Sez (Used in Wyvern, PvP, 2nd Tier Water Farmer)
  • 5 ⭐ Sigret (Used in Wyvern, PvP; Defense-piercing DPS)
  • 5 ⭐ Tenebria (Used in Abyss, PvP, 1st Tier Fire Farmer) [Not available in Selective]
  • 5 ⭐ Vildred (Used in Banshee, PvP, 1st Tier Earth Farmer)

4 Star Units (No limit in Selective)

  • 4 ⭐ Achates (Healer-Tank hybrid, Debuff remover, Invulnerability granter)
  • 4 ⭐ Angelica (Healer-Tank hybrid, Debuff blocker, Shielder)
  • 4 ⭐ Armin (Used in Golem, PvP; Tank-Healer hybrid, Shielder)
  • 4 ⭐ Cidd (Used in Wyvern, PvP, Abyss; Defense breaker, Element-ignoring Nuke)
  • 4 ⭐ Clarissa (Used in Wyvern, 1st Tier Water Farmer)
  • 4 ⭐ Lots (Used in Golem, PvP; Accelerator-Healer hybrid)
  • 4 ⭐ Rose (Used in Wyvern, PvP; Minor Accelerator, Atk Buff)
  • 4 ⭐ Schuri (Used in Wyvern, Golem, PvP; Accelerator)
  • 4 ⭐ Surin (Used in Wyvern, PvP; Ultra bleed stacker)

Artifacts (1 5 ⭐ max per set of 10 in Selective; not all are available there)

  • Knight: 4 ⭐ Aurius: Takes damage for others, team defense buff
  • Knight: 5 ⭐ Elbris Ritual Sword: Counterattack when others hit
  • Knight: 4 ⭐ Hilag Lance: Accelerates knight when others hit
  • Mage: 4 ⭐ Tagahel’s Ancient Book: Soul stack starter (Mostly for PvP use)
  • Mage: 5 ⭐ Time Matter: For farming
  • Ranger: 4 ⭐ Infinity Basket: Makes others double attack more on ranger’s S1
  • Ranger: 4 ⭐ Rosa Hargana: Makes ranger double attack more on others’ S1
  • Soul Weaver: 4 ⭐ Magaraha’s Tome: CR accelerator for buffers/s2-3 healers
  • Soul Weaver: 5 ⭐ Rod of Amaryllis: For healers with short CD defensive s2-3
  • Soul Weaver: 4 ⭐ Wondrous Potion Vial: Debuff remover
  • Thief: 4 ⭐ Dust Devil: Double S1, works even on double attacks
  • Thief: 5 ⭐ Rhianna & Luciella: Extra turn
  • Thief: 5 ⭐ Wind Rider: For farming
  • Warrior: 5 ⭐ Sigurd Scythe: Dmg+Heal

Epic Seven How do I build a team?

How do i build a team for epic seven best ideas in here :

  1. Decide on the front spot holder. This Hero will take the brunt of incoming damage in PvE contexts, and thus needs to be able to not die; if the Hero gains an advantage from being hit (Ravi S2, Prophetic Candlestick etc), this is optimal.
  2. Decide on the three back spots based on what you need for the content you are attempting.
  • Wyvern teams require the team to be able to output two debuffs per turn (one at early levels) on the boss to prevent it from going twice, so a multi-debuffer is necessary. High damage against barriers is also necessary for its second phase, as well as a frontline unit capable of not dying. The debuffer should ideally be faster than the Wyvern. Recommended debuffers are 5★Baal and Sezan, Haste, Sigret, 4 ⭐ Dingo, Surin, Dingo and 3 ⭐ Alexa (guaranteed via connections for the unlucky).
  • Golem teams require the team to be able to deal maxHP-based damage, find a way to prevent the Golem from being healed, and high enough defense or healing to avoid dying to Golem AoE counterattacks. Recommended damagers are 3⭐ Kiris, Nemunas. Recommended heal blockers are 5 ⭐ Aramintha, Baal and Sezan, Haste and 3 ⭐ Hazel.
  • Banshee teams require high AoE damage to wipe out summons in the summon phase. Units good at farming in general are good at this function in general.
  • Farming is done by a single unit (raised to 6 ⭐ at high priority to accelerate overall progress) wearing lifesteal type equipment (or using an intrinsic lifesteal skill), which has high AoE damage. When farming, the other three members will include one Mega-Phantasma and either a Giga-Phantasma and a 2 ⭐ drop, or two 2 ⭐ drops. Recommended farmers are 5 ⭐ Tenebria (Fire), Vildred (Earth), 4 ⭐ Clarissa (Water), Blood Blade Karin and Celestial Mercedes (Dark). Second-tier farmers are 5 ⭐Kayron (Fire) and Arbiter Vildred (Dark), Sez and Yuna (Water), 4 ⭐ Mercedes (Fire) and 3 ⭐Celeste (Light).
  • Abyss teams change for every level to fit the requirements of the level, but in general 5 ⭐Chloe (Water), 3 ⭐Kiris (Earth) and Nemunas (Fire) do high MaxHP-based damage.
  • There should usually be at least one accelerator (CR: 4 ⭐Rose, Schuri, 3 ⭐Judith; CD: 5 ⭐Iseria, 4 ⭐Dingo), one debuffer and/or one buffer to allow the other units to perform optimally.
  • There should usually be at least one healer or shielder to sustain the team through the fights.
  • Some story mode fights have class and/or elemental limitations for achievements (which give Skystone, and map completion bonuses). Note that you CAN swap out members used for this purpose with friends’ supporters and still clear this requirement. ※ ‘Have one X survive’ does not allow that hero to be swapped out, but this requirement doesn’t start until late in World Difficulty.
  • When your members are decided from the above for the content you’re doing, arrange the back 3 slots according to the shape of their Devotion Skill bonuses. Heroes can never buff themselves, and they buff only the lit slots in the shape.

Epic Seven How do stats work in this game?

How do stats work in this game epic seven here is guide :

  1. The Attack stat is the only stat that increases Bleed and Burn damage.
  2. The Attack, Critical Hit Rate and Critical Hit Damage stats increase Direct damage. On occasion, some Heroes will have skills scaling with their Max HP, Defense or Speed stats as well. Most Knights have a secondary scaler to incentivise players to build… tanky tanks.
  3. The Effectiveness stat reduces the chance that debuffs (including Bleed and Burn) will be resisted by the target’s Resistance stat. The Resistance stat allows Heroes to resist incoming debuffs.
    • First, the system checks if an attack hits or not. This is usually 100%, but when the Blind debuff, Evade buff are involved, or when attacking a disadvantageous element (50% miss rate), an attack may miss, which makes debuffing impossible.
    • If the attack hits, the system checks if the debuff activates. This is based on the probability written in skill tooltips – if unstated, this is usually 100%.
    • If the debuff activates, the system will check if it is resisted or not by rolling the attacker’s effectiveness against the defender’s resistance. Bosses are known to resist debuffs even if there is a vast effectiveness advantage, and the minimum is estimated at around 15%.  The exact equation binding the calculation is unknown, and while there are a lot of rumours – some advocating equalising effectiveness to resistance, some advocating effectiveness at 15% below resistance and some advocating pushing effectiveness as high as possible… ‘the exact equation binding the calculation is unknown’. What people usually agree on however, is that using overly high effectiveness values on low resistance targets is not the best use of stats.
  4. The Defense stat reduces damage taken by 1 – 300/(300+Defense). That is, 0% reduction at 0 Defense, but progressively less damage reduction per point as the stat goes up. There is a community consensus against not pushing Defense too far beyond 1200, as this tends to lead to a loss of survivability relative to pushing HP instead. If you want a more precise value, maximise effective HP where effective HP = HP*(300+Defense) / 300.
  5. The maximum values of Critical Hit Rate, Effectiveness and Resistance are 100%.
  6. Speed affects the relative rates at which Combat Readiness (CR) increases.
  7. The Dual Attack Chance rate affects how often its bearer assists in another Hero’s attack.
  8. The ‘base’ stat value of a hero is multiplied first by Attack%/Defense%/Health% awakening traits, before adding the flat Attack/Defense/Health values from awakening nodes to that result to have the ‘unequipped stat numbers’ for that hero. Thereafter, these ‘unequipped stat numbers’ are multiplied by Attack%/Defense%/Health% on equipment first before adding flat Attack/Defense/Health values from gear to the result. On average, a 5-awaken 6 star has about 20% higher flat Attack/Defense/Health than a 5-awaken 5 star, and this scales with gear accordingly.
  9. CP is a rolling average of stat values, which weights Speed, Critical Hit Rate and Critical Hit Damage very highly. On average, viable DPS characters for endgame have CP values of at least 50k, and viable tanks/healers/buffers have CP values of at least 40k. Wrong builds can still be bad, so consider this a baseline to strive for with correct gear types, not a guarantee.

Epic Seven How do I equip characters?

How do i equip characters epic seven game guide here :

Acquiring gear

  1. Normally, the farm procedure for midgame is to start with the Abyss T4 lifesteal (timegated), PvP T5 Health (timegated) and Nixied T4/5 (timegated) gear. While farming timegates, use T4 drops from World Difficulty Adventure and/or Side Story maps. Upgrade as you go along.
    ※ Divide item level numbers by 14 to get the old tier numbers back.
  2. Farm wyvern and golem for passable T5+ pieces while wearing the above gear.
  3. Stuff the acquired T5 pieces in your tanks, etc, and transfer the abyss set on your AoE farmer, upgraded as far as you can.
  4. 6 star (and awaken) your AoE farmer, use grey equipment drops and charms to upgrade your primary tank and healer’s pvp/nixied/wyvern/golem gear to +15 until you’re capable of doing Wyvern/Golem 9/10.
  5. T6 the shit out of everyone, and end off with catalyst farming (for more awakening and skill ups) and raid clearing (for raid-only gear sets).
  6. T6 accessories can only be acquired via the Secret Shop or Hard Raid. Level your HQ level to 50 to unlock them in the Secret Shop. If you don’t know what the Secret Shop is, you will unlock it eventually when progressing the storyline.

What gear do I put on who?

  • As the Bleed and Burn statuses are Attack-dependent, their users will usually use Attack 4-sets with a Effectiveness or Critical subset, unless they have a compelling reason to use something else.
  • Heavy users of debuffs not including Bleed and Burn tend to be optimal with high Speed and Effectiveness to increase the number of debuffs placed per second. Whether they then push Attack, Health or Defense depends on their roles, and damage multipliers per stat point. Note that CR deceleration is considered as a debuff and is built similarly.
  • Heavy users of buffs tend to be optimal with high Speed. Whether they use Attack, Health, Defense or Critical Rate depends on the rest of their skills’ natures and damage multipliers. Note that CR acceleration is considered as a buff and is built similarly.
  • Certain Heroes are incapable of using certain stats and should completely avoid them. For instance, Destina cannot use Effectiveness and Gunther cannot use anything related to Critical Hits.
  • When considering Critical Hit Damage against Attack in a 100% Critical Rate context, they should be balanced to reduce the effects of diminishing returns on both. In general this occurs at about Attack = 10x Critical Hit Damage, but it can vary depending on the base stats of the Hero used.
  • When considering buffing Critical Rate against Attack, bear in mind that there are estimated:
    • 25% rates of Crushing Hit when hitting targets with elemental disadvantage
    • 50% rates of Crushing Hit when normally hitting
    • 75% rates of Crushing Hit when hitting targets with elemental advantage
    • Crushing hits deal 130% normal damage. If your Critical Hit Damage multiplier is low, building characters with elemental advantage against intended content with high Critical Rate is inefficient, as the Critical Hit Rate is not only rolled only 25% of the time, but results in a low damage increase relative to increased base Attack even on Critical Hit.
    • Ergo, if you do not have enough stats to place in Attack, Critical Hit Rate AND Critical Hit Damage because you need them elsewhere, and you use a Hero primarily in an elemental advantage context, you’ll want to avoid the Critical-based stats and choose pure Attack whenever given a choice between them.
  • Because of the tradeoffs involved, a Hero can have more than one equipment build depending on application. While it is up to the player if the player wants to swap entire equipment sets (it’s not free), the number of optimised builds per character is not just one.
  • Five star every character you use for all the content you regularly do first prior to making your second six star. Having team flexibility for 5 additional characters matters a lot more than the stat boost the sixth star can provide for one character.
  • Whenever you feel that something is overboard, it is probably time to adjust your gear or team. If your healer is too slow and healing too hard, switch to speed instead of HP. If your DPS characters are not having too much trouble dealing damage but are getting killed all the time, you may want to use more defensive substats. If your tanks aren’t even close to losing health, you might want to remove a healer for more damage or a wolf. Adapting your Heroes to the situation at hand is key – there is no best team for ‘everything’.

See http://nazr.in/12DG for more information regarding the damage multipliers of Heroes ingame.

Use http://nazr.in/12MW for an automated calculator on relative stat potential between two different gear sets on the same character.

Epic Seven How do I buy stuff and what do I buy?

There are six shops in the epic seven game. Each will be detailed separately.

A. Standard Shop

  1. Access by pressing Shop in bottom left of the Lobby.
  2. Skystone
    • Avoid this in general. Packs generally give better overall value per dollar.
  3. Normal
    • You may recall I advised to purchase Bookmarks only in sets of 950 after the initial reroll; the initial reroll purchase of Bookmarks before the Selective Summon is the only time you should ever spend Skystone for Bookmarks outside of the 950-set.
    • Purchasing gold is used for people attempting to get an item before a Secret Shop refresh, or for people who need gold but have no time to autoplay the game. The rates are inferior to purchasing stamina and auto grinding the game in most normal maps.
    • Energy is the main purchase for both Leaves and Skystone, and is the primary resource of gameplay. Avoid spending leaves or skystone on Abyss Guides (in the long run, this is a laughably bad gold purchase) and Labyrinth Compasses (while conceptually sound, the exchange rate of 210/240 stamina:1 compass is terrible in practice).
  4. Transmit Stone
    • Gold transmit stones should always be spent on Galaxy Bookmarks, which are the only way of performing Moonlight Summons after clearing 10-10. The rates of the 4-5 ⭐ Summon Ticket are 15% 5 ⭐ 85% 4 ⭐, but you will eventually get all normal characters long before being able to get all Moonlight characters even when spending all transmits on Moonlight characters.
    • Gold transmit stones are acquired per 20 normal summons, and every 7 days.
    • Silver transmit stones should always be spent on the weekly MolaGora, which is required for skill upgrading.
    • Excess Silver transmit stones can be spent as you wish, but Artifact Charms are the hardest to acquire otherwise.
    • Silver transmit stones are acquired through daily covenant summon and through levelling artifact skills. Some farm this through levelling 1 ⭐ Artifacts to 3 before using them to upgrade other Artifacts, but there is a limit to this method.
    • There is no difference between the exchange rates of Greater and Lesser charms in experience per currency terms.
  5. Friendship
    • Friendship should always be spent on the daily Energy and Flags.
    • Friendship is acquired by having people use your Heroes as supporters, and using others’ Heroes as supporters. The rate is 5 per use for strangers, and 10 per use for Friends.
    • Note that you cannot do a partial Friendship summon, so avoid having more Friendship bookmarks than you intend to summon, or you may clog your inventory.
    • Friendship bookmarks summon 1-2 ⭐ Artifacts and 2 ⭐ Heroes, which are used for levelling 3+ ⭐ Artifacts and limit breaking 3+⭐ Heroes respectively.
  6. Ancient Coin
    • Ancient coins are used on the Accessory Chest at early levels until a full complement of T4 Heroic+ Accessories are equipped on every Hero in all of your teams. Thereafter, they are spent on Charms to upgrade Accessories.
    • As Accessory mainstats are the main source of stats ingame, these charms are critical.
    • Ancient Coins are gained through clearing Labyrinths, and through Hunt Missions in the High Command.
    • There is no difference between the exchange rates of Greater and Lesser charms in experience per currency terms.
  7. Conquest Points
    • Conquest points should always be spent on the daily Energy and weekly MolaGora.
    • This is the source of Gladiator gear, a T5 Health set used for midgame tanks and healers.
    • The Unknown Slate increases the Devotion Skill grade of natural 5 ⭐ Heroes by 1, but as this is a one-time purchase, it is most efficient to delay purchasing this indefinitely until all Heroes are already fully decked in fully upgraded T6 gear.
    • After purchasing Gladiator gear, remaining Conquest Points go to equipment charms.
    • There is no difference between the exchange rates of Greater and Lesser charms in experience per currency terms.
  8. Pack
    • This is where you spend real money to support the game developers.
    • Monthly Pack 1 > Monthly Pack 2 even when used only for stamina in terms of stamina per dollar. These generally provide the best value of any purchase.
    • The Welcome Pack is cheap and relatively worthwhile, but is one-time only.
    • The Rank Up pack is worthwhile relative to other Skystone options short of the Monthly Packs.
    • Special events may come with their own purchases. Calculate their value yourself, but in general they will tend to be less worthwhile than the Monthly Packs, and more worthwhile than most other options.

B. Secret Shop

  • This is one of the only two sources of T6 Accessories, the other being Hard Raid.
  • When purchasing equipment, ensure the tier is equal to or greater than the highest tier you can farm through Hunts (as this is much less efficient than building your own equipment in the Forge where possible).
  • Ensure the mainstat of right-side equipment is not flat Attack, Defense or Health, as these are total trash.
  • Ensure the mainstat of right-side equipment fits the equipment set type and substats.
  • Do not purchase Covenant Bookmarks with gold if you intend to purchase gold with Skystone, as it is much less efficient than purchasing Bookmarks with Skystone directly.
  • Try to keep a balance of above 1.4 Million gold as this is the price of Epic T6 equipment.
  • Upgrade the shop to improve its selection. Upgrades are dependent on your HQ level. Progress to next HQ level is found in the Friends interface.
  • At Secret Shop Lvl 10, you may refresh the selection with Skystone if you have gold.

C. Goblicus

  • Access through Adventure – Normal Difficulty – 3-4 Ki Ruburan, taking the north path.
  • This is the only guaranteed method of exchanging MolaGora for MolaGoraGo, at an exchange rate of 5 MolaGora = 1 MolaGoraGo, but bear in mind this is a bad exchange rate.
  • All other items in Goblicus’ inventory are intentionally overpriced to make other shops in the game seem more reasonable in comparison. Do not buy them.

D. ‘Magnate’ Huche

  • Access through Battle > Labyrinth > Tirel Castle in Chaos > Zone 1 > Teleport to Northeast
  • Walk west to North midpoint, buy stuff from him.
  • Yield to exit, keeping purchase but not spending any Compasses.
  • All versions of him in all labyrinths hold same inventory, this is just the easiest to access.
  • Inventory refreshes all items daily regardless of purchase, ingame description is bullshit.
  • MolagoraGo exchange rate is 4 MolaGora : 1 MolaGoraGo. Exchange them here whenever possible. Please note that this is a random item, however.
  • Artifact charms are always worth purchasing as there will never be enough material to upgrade all the Artifacts you want.
  • Accessory charms may or may not be worth purchasing depending on your Ancient Coin supply, and the Gold you have on hand.
  • Catalysts may or may not be worth purchasing depending on which you need.
  • Friendship bookmarks, 1-2 ⭐ Artifacts and armour charms are never worth purchasing.

E. Alexa (Raid Shop)

  • Raid-only merchant, accessed through the spot southeast of the Raid entrance portal.
  • By the time you can access her, you will know what you want and whether it is worth it.

F. Guild Shop

Access through Guild > Member Shop. The Brave Crests needed come from Donation, Aid, Check-in and Weekly Missions. Always buy the Compass and MolaGora Seed.


I still don’t get what equipment I should buy/upgrade

  1. First, look at the item level and divide it by 14 to get the old Tier numbers, which actually dictate substat/%mainstat strength.
  2. Do not buy any equipment that is equal to or below the level you are capable of farming in Wyvern, Golem or Banshee/Nixied.
  3. Do not buy any accessories that are lower than T4 Red/T5 Blue/T6 Grey in mainstat strength.
  4. Do not buy any equipment that has half or more substat slots taken by non-percentage based Health/Defense/Attack. Do not buy Resistance sets.
  5. Refer to the lists below for Neck/Hand/Foot slot mainstats. Do not buy any item where its main stat does not match the set, and do not buy any item with non-percentage based Health/Defense/Attack mainstat.
  6. Refer to the list below for substats. The number of substats which match the set type determine its overall effectiveness – and relative value. Make your decision as to whether the reward is worth the current substat mix based on the gear you would otherwise use, and the amount of gold in your possession.
  7. Where possible, avoid going below 1,400,000 gold as this is the required amount to purchase T6 Red Equipment, and there is a nonzero chance of a ‘perfect’ equipment roll happening.

1. Substats for all slots:

  • Attack Set: Critical Hit Rate, Critical Hit Damage, Speed, Attack, Effectiveness
  • Defense/Health Set: Defense, Health, Resistance, Speed
  • Critical/Destruction/Lifesteal Set: Critical Hit Rate, Critical Hit Damage, Speed, Attack
  • Effectiveness/Speed Set (Condition Damage use): Attack (Bleed-burn), Effectiveness, Speed, Defense/Health (Poison, Other Debuffs)
  • Speed Set (Defensive use): Defense, Health, Resistance, Speed
  • Speed Set (Direct Damage use): Attack, Critical Hit Rate, Critical Hit Damage, Speed

2. Neck Slot Mainstats:

  • Attack/Speed/Effectiveness Set (Condition Damage use): Attack
  • Attack/Critical/Destruction/Speed/Lifesteal Set (Direct Damage Use): Critical Rate
  • Attack/Destruction/Rage Set (Critrate Buff Teams only): Critical Hit Damage, Attack
  • Speed/Defense/Health Set (Defensive use): Defense, Health

3. Hand Slot Mainstats:

  • Offensive Builds (Attack/Speed/Critical/Destruction/Effectiveness/Lifesteal sets): Attack
  • Defensive Builds (Defense, Health, Speed sets): Health, Defense
  • Condition Builds (Speed/Effectiveness/Attack sets): Usually Attack, rarely Effectiveness

4. Foot Slot Mainstats:

  • Effectiveness/Speed Set (Buffers, Debuffers (except Burn and Bleed)): Speed
  • Attack/Speed Set (Burn/Bleed-inclusive Debuffers): Speed, Attack
  • Speed/Defense/Health Set (Defensive use): Speed, Defense, Health
  • Attack/Speed/Critical/Destruction/Lifesteal Set (Direct Damage): Speed, Attack

Note: Armour cannot bear Attack and Weapons cannot bear Defense as substats.

Epic Seven How do I build my Sanctuary?

How do i buld my sanctuary guide for epic seven here :

  • Sources: Look for breath of orbis symbol. World difficulty has more, in same locations.
  • A total of 28 breaths can be obtained, where 4 are compulsory for each of the locations’ cores. In other words, you will have to intentionally miss out on 8 upgrades at least.
  • Required minimums: 0/3/0 Forest, 0/1/0 Command, 0/3/3 Heart, 0/3/3 Forge.
    • Left side of Forest upgrades only Penguin quality, and slots/Stigma are primarily used for MolaGora and Mega-Phantasma only. As Penguins are inferior to both High Command and Heart of Orbis as a source of gold, the main benefit of doing this is the chance of Silver Transmit stones from 3 ⭐ Penguins, which is a very poor source relative to grinding 1★ Artifacts.
    • Regardless of the time you sleep, you will never sleep enough for the maximum capacity upgrade to gain more Skystone/Gold than generating it faster, and the Bonus gain upgrades.
    • Some players delay Forge upgrades as they are literally useless unless the Forge is used, but the only compulsory requirement is to ensure that no forging is ever done without 0/3/3 on the Forge.
    • High Command is stuck at 2 slots no matter what. More points unlock better missions, but as these do not give Skystone they are of a slightly lower priority.
  • Recommended build: 0/3/X Forest, 2/1/0 Command, 2/3/3 Heart, 3/3/3 Forge
    • This leaves the Heart at a manageable 8 hours’ sleep store.
    • Ancient Coins are more useful in the long term over Conquest Points, as you not only get more Conquest Points to begin with than Ancient Coins, but you will also have access to Grey gear on a regular basis for Helm/Armour/Weapon/Boot upgrades, but no regular access to accessory upgrade material.
    • Some people feed point(s) into Command until the Gladiator gear is acquired before shifting them at gold cost to Hunt Missions for the long term to speed progression.
    • The right side of Forest not only shortens summon time, but also reduces Stigma cost, as Stigma cost is directly proportional to the time left on the summon clock.

Epic Seven How do I six star my characters efficiently?

How do I six star my characters efficiently in game epic seven :

  • As previously mentioned, an equipped six-star farmer greatly improves the efficiency of this process, so prioritise that before starting.
  • Normally, you will then farm with one farmer, one Mega-Phantasma and two fodder, or one Giga, one Mega and one fodder. 2 ⭐ fodder is acquired from both drops and Friendship summons, though Friendship summons start at 5 and are favoured for levelling, while drops start at 1 and are favoured as rarity-break material.
  • Level fodder to 20 before breaking them to 3 ⭐ with base level fodder.
  • Break Megas to 3 ⭐ with base level fodder, then level them to 30 before breaking them to 4 ⭐ with the abovementioned 3 ⭐ fodder.
  • Break Gigas to 4 ⭐ with 3 ⭐ fodder, then level Gigas to 40 before breaking them to 5 ⭐ with the now-4 ⭐ Megas.
  • Break Teras to 5 ⭐ directly with 4 ⭐Megas.
  • Modification 1: 10x Megas must be levelled to 40 for Kluri’s Specialisation Quest.
  • Modification 2: As the limiting factor is the fact that you cannot place more than one Mega in the same party, intensive farming may result in cases where you level even base 2 ⭐ fodder to 30, and cases where you use level 31 Gigas directly to break levelled Gigas or Teras. This situation is greatly worsened by Kluri’s Specialisation Quest, and also becomes more common when Gigas are given for free by events.
  • Modification 3: Some players transmit Teras for 10 Silver Transmit Stones to purchase Artifact/Accessory charms or MolaGora with. Just don’t transmit a Tera to buy a Giga because that would actually be retarded.
  • 50% of each maxed Hero’s XP is shared between the nonmaxed Heroes’ XP in addition to your own. Thus, with 1 farmer 3 fodders each fodder gets 116.7%, with 2 farmers 2 fodders each fodder gets 150%, and with 3 farmers 1 fodder the fodder gets 250% XP. Ergo, 350%, 300%, 250% total going to fodders. Obviously, the fewer farmers, the better. Some players have friends capable of fully carrying the battle for 400% XP, but you’ll probably need a lot of luck to find friends who aren’t actual liabilities.

Epic Seven How do I upgrade gear efficiently/how do I get more gold?

How do I upgrade gear efficiently/how do I get more gold in game epic seven here :

  • As mentioned beforehand, gear is generally upgraded with grey rarity items and charms.
  • Charms provide the highest XP per gold spent.
  • Foddered equipment provide XP based on their numerical tier, rarity is irrelevant.
  • Equipment provides gold when sold based on both numerical tier AND rarity, which is why we only fodder greys since they will sell for less anyway while upgrading the same.
  • The amount of gold provided from Adventure levels is less than the amount required to upgrade all gear types with all grey equipment dropped.
  • Prioritise upgrading with grey equipment on equipment you want upgraded earlier (generally boots give a better return than left-side pieces as their mainstat is percentage based while left-side pieces are enforced flat stat mainstats) for stable gold.
  • Use all grey equipment for a faster upgrade rate while draining gold, and use nothing but charms if you want to have more gold. Equipment upgrades are the main gold sink in the game, so this balance affects your overall finances to a major extent.
  • Never buy weapon/helm/armour/boot charms as the price of the charm plus gold cost of upgrade with charm will always be greater than the gold cost of upgrading with grey equipment minus the gold gained from selling the grey equipment.
  • The Rose Apostle Challenge is an alternate source of Accessory charms aside from Ancient coins. MolaGora and Goblin Challenges should always be done when available. Never do the other Challenges aside from 1st clears, as you can always get greys from normal maps.

Which characters should I connect with?

You should ‘connect’ with your waifu, of course. Aside from that…

  • Aither – You don’t have a choice. It’s a trap!
  • Alexa – Used for Wyvern debuffs and general damage for players with no Wyvern debuffer.
  • Hazel – Used by players who didn’t manage to roll a healer but kept their roll, by players who need an easy Attack buff and players who need an Unhealable source for Golem.
  • Jecht – Used by players who didn’t manage to roll a condition remover but kept their roll, and by players who need an easy Speed buff.
  • Elson – Avoid. He got nerfed to an unfunny degree.
  • Lorina – Highly recommended for almost everyone. High damage, high sustain with lifesteal equipment and no elemental weakness makes her extremely versatile when neither buffs nor debuffs are needed. However, prone to getting killed by Light-element bosses if insufficient survivability is given via gear. Get to level 50 as soon as possible as her specialty quest takes forever and a day.
  • Silk – Used by people who rolled Cidd for an easy source of turn 1 S3, as well as a speed debuffer. Usually ends up in PvP.
  • Cartuja – Avoid. 800,000 Gold is extortion.
  • Crozet – Rarely useful as by the time he is unlocked, as most players have already built and geared another Water tank.
  • Maya – Used mostly for PvP mass-provoke shenanigans.

Yuna – Only obtainable through Connections. Used if you require both Attack and Speed in a damage, rather than healing, context. Can also farm passably in the Water element.


Common mistakes to avoid & Misinformation

Common mistake list (do NOT do any of these)

  1. Feeding World Fragments to Mercedes just because you can.
    1. These are critical to devotion-imprint Celestial Mercedes to SSS, without which you will need to roll Celestial Mercedes multiple times for the same result.
    2. Mercedes’ main role in the game is to act as a AoE farmer for players who do not possess any better farmer. In this use, all of the other units used will be 2 ⭐ fodder and Phantasmas, making the utility of imprints on her effectively zero.
  2. Selling or foddering Abyss Lifesteal set gear.
    1. These Lifesteal Epics contain an extremely good mix of substats – potentially surpassing even equal-tiered Attack sets in pure damage if those sets rolled crap substats. The accessories are even more valuable given the rarity of accessories.
  3. Removing Lorina from your Hero list in any way, regardless of transmission or use as a fodder.
    1. This mistake is severe enough to warrant deleting your account and starting from zero, given the extreme difficulty of rolling any specific Moonlight character.
  4. Removing 5 ⭐ exclusives from your Hero pool to save on 5 star break material.
    1. Even if characters were formerly underpowered, they can and will be buffed. Both Sezan and Ken were given this treatment.
    2. While you may not use a given hero for any content yet, future content may require them, and re-acquiring them is potentially impossible given bad enough luck.
  5. Merging 4-5 ⭐ artifacts when multiple copies of them may be useful.
    1. Particularly problematic for Rosa Hargana due to its general usefulness on most Archers, but also common for some other 4+⭐ s like Aurius and Dust Devil.
    2. This mistake makes certain team compositions impossible to execute optimally, and imposes a gold cost for switching between the same artifact on multiple characters.

Misinformation (do NOT listen to any of these)

  1. ‘Healers should run full Health in order to maximise the potency of their heals.’
    1. Leaving aside the common situation of overhealing in which the gain is actually zero, insufficient Speed leads to low Heal Per Turn values, makes healers significantly more vulnerable to crowd-control effects, and reduces the probability of the healer acting early enough to prevent another character from dying.
    2. See http://nazr.in/12MW for a method to calculate Heal Per Turn.
  2. ‘You should clear labyrinths with as few entries as possible, taking only the chests, in order to get equipment faster and reach maps with better Ancient Coin drops earlier.’
    1. While the points made are true, the conclusion is incorrect as 100%ing Labyrinths have two other effects that make them worth doing.
    2. The minor effect is a one-time gain of Skystone for completing that requirement in the Phantom CIC Reputation quests.
    3. The major effect is a one-time gain of Phantom CIC Reputation points, which greatly accelerates the rate at which you reach Reputation Level 11, the maximum for Equipment Enhance Great Success rates. In the long term, your gear viability is limited by your rate of equipment enhancement, which is boosted by this.
  3. ‘Heroes who want to use Bleed and Burn like Surin should use Attack sets and Speed boots.’
    1. The Speed set gives speed equal to 25% of the bearer’s base Speed, making it more efficient on naturally fast characters and less efficient on naturally slow characters.
    2. The Speed mainstat on boots gives speed equal to 5 times its base value when raised to +15, ignoring the base value of its bearer’s Speed.
    3. Thus, when working with naturally high Speed values, in addition to not requiring as much Speed to begin with in order to reach workable values of ~170 for normal DPS characters, using a Speed set frees up the boot slot to use an Attack% mainstat, which at 60%, is a massive loss relative to the mere 35% given by the Attack set.
    4. Conversely, when working with naturally low Speed values, Speed-mainstat boots will be required to raise them to workable values, making there no choice but to make the Attack% sacrifice.
    5. As Damage Per Turn is approximately equivalent to Base Scaling Stat * Speed * Crit Damage * Crit Chance, you will need Speed values of about 130-150 for *slow* characters (those bearing Hell Cutter or relying on long-cooldown damage bursts), about 170-180 for Healers and normal DPS characters, about 190 for fast DPS characters (those which deal maxHP-based damage rather than normal stat-based damage) and over 210 for Combat Readiness Accelerators for optimal DPT. Anything below 130 is generally unusable unless used in a specific build that boosts their Combat Readiness for them (e.g. Challenger Dominiel parties).
    6. The actual formula accounts for Crushing Hit damage multipliers (thereby increasing the importance of Critical Hit Damage and reducing the importance of Critical Hit Rate), and can be accessed in http://nazr.in/12MW as well.
  4. ‘You want 100% Critical Hit Rate on all DPS characters.’
    1. With the exceptions of Karin and Schuri, most characters are suboptimal with overly high Critical Rates, and prefer something in the 70-85% range.
    2. The primary reason for this is that you must sacrifice something to gain Critical Hit Rate. The most common sacrifices are Attack and Critical Hit Damage by using a Critical Hit Rate mainstat necklace. However, as per the formula mentioned earlier, the effects of damage-affecting stats are generally multiplied with each other, making evenly high development numerically superior in the result relative to developing one area to a very high level at the sacrifice of others.
      1. As an easy thought example, if you had one point to allocate to each of the 4 factors, and their base values were 1, 5*1*1*1 (5) is significantly inferior to 2*2*2*2 (16), in spite of increasing the total statistical sum by the same number of 4 points. Addition is not as good as multiplication.
    3. Secondarily, you can increase Critical Hit Rate through several sources, which will all have zero effect if your Critical Hit Rate was already capped at 100%.
      1. Attacking with Elemental Advantage increases Critical Rate by 15%.
      2. A lot of Critical Rate devotion imprints max out at around 10-20%.
      3. The Hell Cutter artifact increases Critical Rate by 4% per turn passed for any character (including enemies) when maxed, which generally leads to about ~20-30% increases in practice.
      4. Challenger Dominiel, Tywin and Rin (random) buff Critical Hit Rate by 50%.


What do all these buffs and debuffs actually do?

Buffs (Always succeeds unless blocked by Unbuffable)

  1. Increase Attack: +50% Attack.
  2. Increase Attack (Greater): +75% Attack (not confirmed, also said not to stack with Attack Buff)
  3. Guardian Blessing: +16% Attack in isolation, +15% Attack in combination with Attack Buff (for total 165% Attack), Critical Hit Rate buff (unknown%).
  4. Increase Critical Hit Chance: +50% Critical Hit Rate.
  5. Increase Critical Hit Damage: +50% Critical Hit Damage.
  6. Critical Hit Resistance: -50% Critical Hit Rate on attacks received.
  7. Increase Defense: +60% Defense.
  8. Stealth: Reduces incoming AoE damage by 50%. Makes unit untargetable unless all other members in the same party are also stealthed or dead.
  9. Barrier: Damage is taken from this additional Health source before normal Health pool.
  10. Reflect: 30% of damage taken is dealt to attacker, capped at bearer’s Health.
  11. Continuous Healing: Heal 15% maxHP of bearer per turn [Can stack].
  12. Increase Evasion: -50% Hit Chance for incoming attacks.
  13. Increase Speed: +30% Speed.
  14. Increase Combat Readiness: Directly adds to Combat Readiness. Strength depends on skill.
  15. Cooldown Reduction: Strength depends on skill. All skill cooldowns are decreased, limit 0.
  16. Extra Turn: Unit acts again immediately. [0 duration]
  17. Counterattack: Unit retaliates with skill 1 when hit. Cannot trigger another counterattack.
  18. Immunity: Blocks all debuffs except Dispel and Buff Steal.
  19. Immortal: Prevents unit’s Health from going below 1 as long as it is active.
  20. Invincible: Prevents unit from losing any Health at all.
  21. Revive: Unit revives with specified Health at end of attacker’s turn.

Normal buffs can affect any character and are blocked only by Unbuffable. As buff strength aside from Barrier do not usually factor in the stats of its caster, buffers are normally built with high Speed as the only real requirement.

Character-specific Buffs

  1. Clarissa: Enraged
  2. Kitty Clarissa: Loveliness
  3. Ken: Vigor
    1. This has its own passive effect of increasing Attack and Defense, % unknown.

Unlike normal buffs, these character-specific buffs can only be generated by the characters in question, only affect the characters in question, and generally cannot be dispelled.


  1. Tick-tock: Mushroom-specific. Invisible. Increases speed when hit.
  2. Erosion: Takes 5% maxHP damage, increases attack and speed (unknown%) at end of turn.

These affect only PvE mobs. Erosion is displayed as purple smoke, and only affects World Difficulty.

Debuffs (Rolls caster Effectiveness vs target Resistance)

  1. Decrease Attack: -50% Attack.
  2. Decrease Defense: -70% Defense.
  3. Bleed: 0.56 Attack against 30% Enemy Defense [Can stack].
  4. Burn: 1.195 Attack against 30% Enemy Defense [Can stack].
  5. Poison: Damage 5% maxHP of bearer per turn [Can stack].
  6. Magic Nail: Damage 2% maxHP of bearer per attack suffered and unknown Stun chance.
  7. Target: +15% Damage taken and increases Hit Chance of attacks suffered (unknown%).
  8. Decrease Hit Chance: -50% Hit Chance for outgoing attacks.
  9. Decrease Speed: -30% Speed.
  10. Decrease Combat Readiness: Directly subtracts Combat Readiness. Strength depends on skill.
  11. Cooldown Increase: Strength depends on skill. All skill cooldowns are increased, limit max.
  12. Stun: Unit cannot act.
  13. Sleep: Unit cannot act. All hits (not misses) will be critical hits, all attacks dispel Sleep.
  14. Silence: Disables active skill 2 and skill 3.
  15. Provoke: Forces unit to attack the inflictor of the status, disables active skill 2 and skill 3.
  16. Unbuffable: Blocks all buffs.
  17. Dispel: Removes buffs, number of which depends on skill. [0 duration]
  18. Debuff Transfer: Moves debuffs from caster to target. [0 duration]
  19. Buff Steal: Transfers buffs from target to caster. [0 duration]
  20. Debuff Extension: Increases duration of all debuffs, usually by 1 turn.

Normal Debuffs can affect any character and can be blocked by Immunity, Resistance or Evasion. As debuffs require both Effectiveness and in certain cases other stats (such as Attack), debuffers are often built around the debuffs they provide with Speed, Effectiveness and any other relevant stats.


Credit/thanks to :

by a duck with a headache
updated 2 Jan 2019
Access/Link this guide through http://nazr.in/12Gh.

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